Summer Roof Top Party
Sushi Den/Izakaya/OTOTO Newsletter
June 2016
Newsletter No. 94


Happy Early Summer to you!
Summer is finally here! I hope you have been enjoying this nice weather!

Today, we have something very important to share with you. We would very much like you to spread this news to as many friends as you have.

As you may know, our long awaited 3 story parking structure is almost ready - by the end of this month it will be ready for use! We have built this parking structure just for you. Naturally, our restaurant guests receive complimentary parking when you validate your ticket at Sushi Den, Izakaya Den or OTOTO. We felt the timing was right to support the neighborhood and help reduce traffic, congestion and street parking in front of residents’ homes.

Now, this is something you many not know. Well, our beautiful hometown in southern Japan, called Kumamoto, was at the epicenter of a series of strong earthquakes in April and while many people, including one of our brothers’ family and our cousins, were lucky to escape these earthquakes. Many historical sites have been damaged and also destroyed. Kumamoto Castle, built in 1467 and considered the heart and soul of the Kumamoto people was damaged in the shaking and while still standing proudly, needs much restoration work.

So, in conjunction with introducing our newly built parking structure to you, we have decided to throw a Roof Top Summer Party at the building June 28 & 29 to celebrate.

We are flying in 6 ramen chefs from 3 different regions of Japan so you can taste different regional ‘takes' on Ramen, and we’ll also have sushi rolls, and grilled foods, sake and beer.

We are donating the entire ticket price of all tickets sold to the relief agencies in our hometown, as well as to the restoration work for Kumamoto Castle. Spread the word!

We hope you can join this exciting summer event!

Toshi and Yasu Kizaki



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