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Sep 2016
Newsletter No. 98


I hope your busy summer has been winding down and you are now getting ready for the beautiful Colorado fall!

Now, here is the exciting update on our end.
Please enjoy reading the news below.


Yasu and Toshi


Denchu - Private Room at Sushi Den

Hardly anyone knows we have a small private room called “Denchu” in the back of the restaurant at Sushi Den. Our experienced chefs prepares the meal within the private room at the private sushi counter. The 6 course delicious, seasonal Omakase Dinner is centered around Sushi and Sashimi.

Our youngest brother is at the fish market in southern Japan handpicking fish and Toshi and his team will use these freshest ingredients to come up with your meal. This private room is ideal for anyone who would like to experience the ultimate sushi and Japanese dinner for your very special occasion.



"Sliced!" Sushi Making Class

We have welcomed 750 guests so far this year to our sushi making class. The class is fun and informative and it is also ideal for your date night or birthday celebration or entertaining your clients and so on.

Dining Out wrote about our fun class, Read Here. Please also see the images from the class, View Photos.

Read more about Sliced….


Summer Roof Top Party Video

We are still talking about how fun the Summer Party was.
Here is the YouTube Video we have produced, WATCH VIDEO.
Please enjoy!

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