Summer Rooftop Party Update
Sushi Den/Izakaya/OTOTO Newsletter
June 2018
Newsletter No. 114

Den Corner Annual Summer
Roof Top Party

June 26(tue) and 27(wed), 2018 - 6pm

In the 4 weeks since we announced this year’s summer party, we have sold 1100 tickets and 10 Corporate/VIP Tables. There are still 500 tickets left, but we anticipate they will sell out before the event, as happened the past two years. If you are interested, we recommend you purchase tickets now.

It will be a fun summer party a week before July 4th!
Join us and feast on street food prepared by 15 Japanese chefs and some of Denver’s best chefs!

Meet Chefs and Menus
What is new this year is we will have 10 corporate/VIP tables with reserved seating for 8 guests per one table. For a special appearance, we will have a Legendary sushi chef, Katsu from LA will make a special appearance both nights making sushi for the corporate tables. Katsu was here in the US long before Nobu or Morimoto became well-known names in the culinary scene.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit Kumamoto Castle Earthquake Relief and Denver’s local non-profit, We Don’t Waste.

Tickets and Further Information: 

Yasu and Toshi

Anthony Bourdain

Photo Credit: Travel Channel

Anthony Bourdain was our advocate. His death hit chefs around the globe hard including me. In fact, I cried like many chefs did. He was our advocate. 

I greatly respect his love for Japan like I do. What I recall from one of his interviews was:

"Japan is endlessly, endlessly interesting to me, "I'm sure I could spend the rest of my life there, learn the language, and still die happily ignorant. If I had to eat only in one city for the rest of my life, Tokyo would be it".  

He explained why, even after touring 80 countries, his favorite destination will always be Japan.
Read interview here.
The rooftop fundraiser is a celebration of all chefs - who show us we are more similar than different. We also enjoy unpretentious street foods, as Bourdain did, which will be on full display during the Rooftop Summer

No matter who we are where we are, we all sweat and face the same challenges, sorrow, laughter and joy in our life.  

He was a true genuine human being. We will raise a glass to Anthony Bourdain, who brought us closer and connected us through food. We greatly miss him. 

Video on his visit to Japan



Other News
What's in the Works!

Sushi Class - we have accommodated approximately 650 guests so far this year for the fun sushi making class. I personally teach the class and love spending time with you Come join me at class.

Visiting Japan - with a direct flight from Denver to Tokyo, Japan is now within easy access. Some of you often ask us to recommend a few great restaurants in Tokyo. I can share the list of the Top 50 - most influential list. I also personally lead a small gastronomic tour. If you are interested, please contact me at now!


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