Sushi Den, Izakaya Den and Ototo Invite You To Our


Scene from a past party

Save the date:

Tuesday, August 27 and Wednesday, August 28, 2019

In the meantime, view last year’s info below:

A feast of the senses will include 15 chefs flown in from southern Japan serving Yatai,
Japanese street food found at festivals across the country.

This year, Denver’s top chefs will join the fundraiser including
Alex Seidel, Troy Guard, Paul C. Reilly, Jon Lavelle, Chris Teigland, Ariana Pope, and Michelle Garcia.
Meet the Chefs & Menus

We’ll be serving Japanese sake, wine, beer, shochu cocktails and soft drinks.

Support charities and enjoy the ultimate Rooftop Party experience!

Thank you to our media partners, 5280 Magazine and Mix100.

All-inclusive tickets (Includes 3 drink tickets) – $90 plus tax & handling
June 26th(tue) – 6:00pm ~
June 27th(wed) – 6:00pm ~

All-inclusive tickets (Includes 5 drink tickets) – $110 plus tax & handling
June 26th(tue) – 6:00pm ~
June 27th(wed) – 6:00pm ~

Eventbrite 7 Days Cancellation Policy

IMPORTANT: All sales are final within 7 days of the event.

Eventbrite has no cancellation within 7 days. Please understand this is a charity event.
In the event of an extreme hardship, you can email us.
The event will take place rain or shine.

8 VIP Guests per table
$3000 plus tax per table
June 26th(tue) – 5:00pm ~
June 27th(wed) – 5:00pm ~
Please send your inquiry to

● Reserved Seating
● Champagne and Sake Bottle Service Upon Arrival
● Exclusive Access to Complimentary VIP Bar
● Private Server ● Artisan Sake Cup per guest

This year’s Summer Rooftop Party benefits ongoing aid to two causes.  Please read more in FAQ below.
Please see a previous party video as well as some images below.

There will be food and drink stations on the rooftop of the garage, directly across the street from OTOTO, a half block south of Sushi Den and Izakaya Den.

More event information, please listen to the PODcast from KOOL 105, Mix 100 and 92.5 The Wolf

Photos by Sarah Addy Photography and James Florio Photography.

FAQ / Important DETAILS:

  • What do I need to bring for entry?
    • You need to bring your confirmation email from Eventbite and your photo ID.
  • Can you refund my ticket?
    • Eventbrite allows refunds up until 7 days before the event. Please file a refund request through Eventbrite.
  • Can I transfer my ticket to another person or update the name? 
    • Please be aware Eventbrite is the only one who can assist you. Here are instructions as well as a video that can assist you.
    • Tickets may not be resold.
    • For the VIP ticket, all sales are final.
  • Is the ticket for one day or two days?
    • The regular ticket, as well as the VIP ticket, is for one day.
  • Can I switch days?
    • It cannot be transferred to a different day.
  • Can under-age attend the event?
    • Yes, they can, but of course, alcoholic beverages will be served only to 21 and over.
  • Are dogs/pets allowed at this event?
    • So sorry, they are not.
  • What was the Rooftop Party like previous years?
    • Please see some images above as well as this party video

  • What time does the event start and also end?
    • VIP Admission starts at 5:00 pm ~
    • Regular Admission starts at 6:00 pm ~
  • What happens if it rains?
    • The show must go on! So it will be on rain or shine.
  • How many guests are you expecting for each evening?
    • We are expecting 800 guests for each night.
  • Can I reserve a table?
    • So sorry, we cannot reserve tables due to the informal nature of the event. Yatai style is walking around eating at the various food and drink stations while people come and go.
    • The only Reserved Seating is at the VIP Tables, available for a group of 8 guests per table. For the purchase of the VIP table, please send your inquiry to
  • What is VIP Table Service?
    • You will have your own reserved table with exclusive servers. VIP service includes Champagne and Sake Bottle Service upon arrival and you will also have access to the VIP Bar.
    • Each VIP guest will receive a commemorative ceramic, artisan sake cup specially made for this event.
  • Is this a charitable event?
    With our Rooftop Party co-sponsored with 5280 Magazine, we have decided to share donations raised from this event to these 2 charities below:

    • Kumamoto Castle Earthquake Relief   
      Kumamoto is our hometown in southern Japan. It is nestled in the mountains and forest and known for the pure waters and lush greenery. The nearby sea provides an abundance of seafood. This seafood is often served at our restaurants. We also have a famous castle called Kumamoto Castle, built in 1467. It is the only black castle and one of the top 3 most beautiful castles in Japan. We have a special connection with this castle. Our ancestors were Samurai and served under this very castle. This sense of protecting Kumamoto Castle is in our being. However, in April of 2016, we had an unprecedented earthquake which struck and devastated the Kumamoto area. Our hometown is still rebuilding and like previous years, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the earthquake relief agencies in Japan, including the ongoing and painstaking restoration of Kumamoto Castle.
    • We Don’t Waste
      “We Don’t Waste an innovative food recovery organization reducing food waste by recovering food from venues, events, caterers, restaurants and major food distributors, then deliver the food to community-based non-profit agencies serving vulnerable populations, increasing food security within those populations. We are the link between food sources and the underserved.”

  • Who are the chefs?
  • What kind of food do you serve?
    • We are serving Japanese comfort food for the soul, including Ramen, Okonomiyaki, Gyoza, and BBQ/Yakiniku, etc. These are typically served as street food called Yatai, also found at festivals across Japan.
    • Chefs from Denver will be serving their own version of the street food.
      Click here to discover more about the chefs and their dishes.
  • Are these foods gluten-free or vegan?
    • So sorry, there are no gluten free or vegan menus available.
  • Can I do take-out with this food?
    • So sorry, take-out is not available.
  • What kind of drinks do you serve?
    • Sake, Wine, Beer and Shochu Cocktails. Regular Ticket price includes 3 alcohol beverages of your choice. You’ll receive 3 drink coupons when you check-in. There will be a booth available for purchasing extra beverage coupons. Soft drinks and water are complimentary. No refunds possible on beverage coupons.
    • Complimentary champagne and sake served upon arrival. Exclusive access to complimentary VIP bar.

  • Where do I park my car?
    • Please park in the neighborhood.
    • Limited Valet service available in front of the parking garage.
  • Where do I check in?
    • We will have a check-in booth at our garage/event building across the street from OTOTO restaurant.
  • What kind of music will you play?
    • We plan to have a live band playing light jazz or salsa.
  • Who is the organizer of this event? 
    • Sushi Den/Izakaya Den/OTOTO
    • The media sponsor is 5280 Magazine and Mix100 radio station.
  • Are there any bathrooms at the venue?
    • There will be the porta-potties on the ground level of the parking garage where the entrance is.

  • Are the 3 restaurants open as usual while the event is on for 2 days? 
    • Yes, business is as usual at Sushi Den and Izakaya Den.
    • OTOTO is closed as usual on Tuesdays. However, on Wednesday, OTOTO is closed as we will be using our OTOTO kitchen and staging the event from there.