Monthly Sake Pairing Dinner
Sushi Den/Izakaya/OTOTO Newsletter
Apr 2016
Newsletter No. 92


Happy Spring to you!

For the last few years, we decided to help our guests to fully appreciate our delicious sake, and learn a little about this time honored craft. We began by organizing numerous large sake tasting events with up to 250 guests.

However, starting last year, we decided to make our sake tasting events even more intimate by offering a smaller Sake Pairing Dinner with only 50 guests per dinner.

Our focus is the pairing aspect of sake with food, and we have a sake specialist at each month’s pairing dinner, answering questions to help you to discover the delicious aspects of Japanese gastronomy.

While Toshi, our master chef, focuses on the cooking, I, Yasu, will be your host. The next Sake Pairing Dinner event is on April 19th (tue).

We are also starting a section on our website blog to share things unique to Japan in our "Japan Corner". Read the first installment, "Brief Guide to Sake" right now.

We hope you can join us!


Toshi and Yasu Kizaki

Monthly Sake Pairing Dinner Series at OTOTO


We still have some spaces available for the next Sake Pairing Dinner on April 19th (Tue).
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Ticket for Each Dinner - $100 - inclusive of food, sake, tax and gratuity

We also have more space available for the
Sake Dinners on 5/17/2016 (tue)


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Japan Corner


Our ancestors in southern Japan came from the linage of the Samurai clan and our family had a few Samurai swords kept for centuries as family treasures. However, after the war - 70 years ago, these were all confiscated by MP of United States. The funny thing is even though we no longer own these samurai swords, we now have sashimi and sushi knives instead and the irony is we now have a sushi business in the United States. We used to rule with our Samurai Swords in Japan, and now we rule with our Sashimi Knives! I am sure our ancestors’ Samurai swords are somewhere in United States, maybe waiting for us to find. By the way, here is the great exhibit in Denver taking place now!

Samurai Armor Exhibit at Denver Art Museum -
We got a good kick out of reading in the Wall Street Journal about the temperature-controlled cargo planes filled with salmon, which we know something about, that were used to transport the Samurai artifacts! We can’t wait to go see this exhibit!!

OpenTable Reservations


We are very excited to announce that our three restaurants are now accepting reservations online each restaurant through it's own respective web site, as well as Open Table. Please visit our restaurant website and scroll down to find “Make Reservations”

While we have more limited reservations at Sushi Den, we look forward to serving you and your guests soon at one of our restaurants.


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