What is Chef’s Table? 

At Sushi Den, behind the hanging “noren” fabric curtain in the entry, and through the folding doors you enter a peaceful, private space called “Denchu” where your Chef’s Table is with the private chef’s counter and tables.  It is recently named one of the top nine exceptional Omakase (“Chef’s Choice”) menus in the United States by the national online food community Eater, Sushi Den’s Omakase menu has gained national recognition for its fresh and authentic selection.  This is the place to host your very special intimate occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, job promotions, entertaining your clients, date nights and more.


  • Omakase Chef
    • Toshi Kizaki is the owner and master chef, named as one of the top 200 chefs in the United States by Opinionated by Dining. In the morning when the shipment arrives from numerous markets, he designs the menu and prepares your special dinner in front of you that evening. Each Omakase is unique and based on the seasonal ingredients from that day’s shipments from different markets.
  • Number of Seatings: 10
    • Each individual can reserve a spot(s) or you can also reserve the entire room for your group, up to 10 guests.
    • If you have a single group wishing for seating together at the same table, the maximum number of seatings is 8, with no counter seating possible due to space limitation.
  • Seating Arrangements
    • 6 guests at the chef’s counter and 2-4 seats at a table. If you have a seating preference for the counter (6 seats) or table (2 tables for 2 people) please include it with your form. Seats will be designated by the earliest reservation received by Sushi Den, on a first come first serve basis. In other words the sooner you send in your reservation form, the more choice in seating you will have.
    • Please see the room layout, View Gallery
  • Menu
    • Enjoy courses personally selected by Chef Toshi, including premier sushi and sashimi from a wide variety of freshly caught raw fish directly shipped from the renowned Nagahama Fish Market in the southwest tip of Japan as well as local cuts of meats like Colorado lamb. Our Chef’s Table Omakase menu also offers cooked courses as well as servings of seasonal, freshly picked vegetables. Please see sample menu.

          ♣ Menu subject to change based on the availability of ingredients.

  • How to Reserve your Seating
    • Please send your reservation request to Chef’s Table Reservations Coordinator at
    • Important Advisory: It is crucial for you to inform something very important to anyone who joins you at the Chef’s Table Dinner. Because our master chef carefully selects all the ingredients including from the direct shipment from Nagahama Fish Market in Southern Japan as well as sauces and stocks he uses for the dish, we are unable to accommodate any dietary restrictions or allergies.  No gluten free menu or substitutions available. Please do inform your party when booking for your group about this important advisory.


AVAILABLE DATES Last Updated 11.10.2019 @5:00pm 

  • December Dates Coming Soon!


      If you don’t see a date or your requested date is fully booked, you can still submit your reservation request form on the  rare chance we get a cancellation or Master Chef Toshi’s schedule opens up. We will make sure to put your request on our Reservation Wait List now. Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.

Chef’s Table Omakase is available Monday – Thursday depending on Master Chef Toshi’s availability and a minimum of 10 guests or the dollar equivalent. Please complete the registration form below and our Chef’s Table Coordinator will contact you. 



CHEF’S CHOICE DINNER GIFT CARDS: Please order online >

Surprise your loved ones with a Chef’s Table dinner in the Denchu Room with private chef, by giving our Chef’s Choice Dinner Gift Card!

  • Perfect dining experience for any holidays, intimate celebrations or special occasions.
  • $135.00 plus tax and gratuity, per person
  • Maximum seating per night is 10 spots. Friday and Saturday nights only.
  • Since the dinner starts at 6:30pm sharp, please arrive by 6:20pm and then the dinner will end by approximately 9:00pm Friday and Saturday nights only
  • To reserve seating at the Chef’s Table, the gift card recipient must make a reservation by filling in the form and e-mail it back to “Chef’s Table Reservations Coordinator” at