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Transitioning to Normal

When are we going back to “normal”?

Many of our guests have asked when we can return to full capacity, reservations and normal operating procedures.
Transitioning back to full capacity is not like turning a light on and off. It is a work in progress.

What this means is that we need to double our current staff size in order to operate at previous levels.
In our case, we are in the process of hiring and training. And this is a serious challenge.

You may have heard there is a critical shortage of restaurant workers nationwide, as many have sought out more stable and safe industries during the pandemic.
Simply adding more tables with half the number of Front of House staff to take care of double the guests may break our diligent, hard working skeleton staff and cause disruption in our systems.

Many have worked tirelessly through the pandemic under very stressful situations.

We kindly ask for your patience and understanding of the challenges restaurants are currently facing.
We have been very careful about how to fill the restaurants with a balance of providing our guests with the quality of food and service they have come to expect, and enough revenue to keep our doors open.
These realities come with lots of brain damage, and is a gradual transition.

Please rest assured that we are just as eager to return to full capacity as our guests, and that this is a balancing act for us.
We will get there with your patience and understanding!



Sushi Den & Izakaya Den

Dine-In Service

Dinner Daily
Sunday-Thursday: 4:30-9:00 PM (Last Seating at 9 pm)
Friday & Saturday: 4:30-10:00 PM (Last Seating at 10 pm)

Sushi Den Take Out 

Enjoy a delicious chef prepared meal in your own home.


Dinner Take Out 7 nights a week
(Lunch Take Out paused until further notice) 

Sunday-Thursday: 5:00-8:30pm
Friday & Saturday: 4:30-9:00pm-Last Order accepted. (Last Pickup 9:15-9:30pm)


Lead Time For Sushi Den Take-Out

For Take-Out, we typically need 30-45 minutes lead time between order placing and pick up.

Order by phone is also possible after 11:30 AM: 303-777-0826
If our phone lines are busy, the quickest way to reach us is at ToGo@sushiden.net.

Order Confirmation For Sushi Den Take-Out

Unless you have a confirmation phone call from our team, your pickup time is not guaranteed.    

Our team will call you anytime after 11:30 AM on the day of your pickup to confirm your order and
provide you with your confirmed pickup time that day.
Please note that during the busiest times it may take a little longer to call you back.
Due to the volume of requests for pickup times between 5:00-7:00 PM,
we cannot always guarantee your requested pickup time.

Now accepting online orders for up to 5 days in advance:
We will call you on the day of your pickup to confirm the pickup time.

Phones open at 11:30 AM daily 303-777-0826.
If our phone lines are busy, the quickest way to reach us is at ToGo@sushiden.net.


Pickup Instructions For Sushi Den Take-Out

After getting your “order ready” text, please come to Sushi Den’s south side patio on Florida Street.

When you arrive to pick up your Take Out, please follow best practices of physical distancing.
We ask that you please wear a face covering
when inside our building to pick up your Take Out meals.

Please remain in the comfort of your car until we text you as soon as your order is ready.
During the busiest dinner hour, it’s possible there could be up to 15~20 minute window till we can text you after your confirmed pickup time. As soon as your order is ready we will text you.



Order Gift Cards Online

To pay for your Take Out Order via GIFT CARD: Enter your Gift Card number in the Take Out Order Form