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    Food Preference and Restrictions

    Please list what fish or ingredients you stay away from such as Uni, Octopus, Squid, BBQed Eel, cooked Oyster, Saba Mackerel, etc?
    There are 2 types of Mackerel. One is Aji - Spanish Mackerel. Other one is Saba Mackerel. Saba has a distinctive strong flavor, which is one of my favorites. However, Aji is more cleaner flavor like Snapper.

    Please list your 5 favorite fish

    Please list what fish or ingredients you stay away from

    Sushi Experience

    Appetite in General

    Flavor Profile - What kind of flavors and textures do you enjoy the most?
    Flavors: spicy, sweet, savory, salty, umami, clean, light, briny (exmp: oyster)
    Textures: buttery, crispy, crunchy, chewy, smooth, tender

    Menu Preference - Do you prefer the menu to be more Sushi or Sashimi focused? Can the menu also include cooked seafood, such as an appetizer portion of “traditional, sake-infused Miso Black Cod”?

    Important Advisory:

    Because the Chef carefully selects all the ingredients including the direct shipment from Nagahama Fish Market in Southern Japan as well as sauces and stocks the Chef uses for the dish, we are sorry we are not in the position to accommodate any comprehensive gluten-free focused, vegan focused or vegetarian focused menus at this time. Please note it is crucial for you to inform your party when booking Chef’s Table about this important advisory.

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    Starting at $150.00* per person
    * The best of Catch of the Day fish is used for developing Chef’s Table menu. Due to fluctuations in the prices at the fish market, we anticipate the price to start at $150 per person without drinks, gratuity and tax. This price does not include any Extra menu items you may order. Based on your food preference as well as the quantity, there may be fluctuations in price. Tax and gratuity will be added on your final bill.

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