1487 South Pearl St

1487 South Pearl St, Denver, CO, 80210

SUSHI DEN is located on the corner of South Pearl St & East Florida Ave, next door to the IZAKAYA DEN and across the street from OTOTO(Also known as DEN CORNER).

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DEN CORNER Restaurants


Sushi Den has been on the vanguard and regarded as one of the premiere sushi and Japanese restaurants in the United States since opening Christmas 1984. Independently owned and operated, Sushi Den continually raises the bar and sets the standard for high quality cuisine.  www.sushiden.net / 303-777-0826

Izakaya Den is Sushi Den’s sleek little sister, right next door on Old South Pearl Street. Izakaya Den is the winner of the American Architecture Award for its refined design with an homage to its Japanese roots. Serving global cuisine and the same freshly sourced sushi as her big sister, Izakaya Den provides a memorable dining experience. www.izakayaden.net / 303-777-0691

OTOTO is the latest addition to the Sushi Den and Izakaya Den, a more casual ambience, raw bar and Robata grilled skewers, as well as a premium sake list. While Izakaya is called Sushi Den’s sister restaurant, OTOTO in Japanese means “younger brother”. Together they form a trifecta to honor Japanese cuisine on the “Den Corner”. www.ototoden.com / 303-733-2503