We are grateful for all the press we have received. On this page, you can find highlights of recent press from all three DEN CORNER restaurants: Sushi Den, Izakaya Den, and OTOTO

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Chef’s Table Dinners

Chef’s Table Update: January 1, 2022

Chef’s Table is on Hiatus until further notice.


Limited Reservations Now Available for Regular Dine In!

Open Table Dinner Reservations, restaurant-wide, for both Sushi Den and Izakaya Den.



Chef’s Table is on Hiatus Until Further Notice.

Chef’s Table is meant for adult “Foodies” who are open to all types of dishes and trying new things.
Guests who are “into” sushi tend to appreciate this choice, as the Chef selects the Best of the Daily Catch for these private dinners. Your private Chef will be dedicated to making your meal. Sake Pairing Curated by your chef especially for your unique meal is also possible.

Chef’s Table is currently located in a secluded area near the front of Izakaya Den Sushi Bar.

MENU: Enjoy courses including; premier sushi and sashimi from a wide variety of freshly caught raw fish handpicked by our youngest brother from the Nagahama Fish market in southern Japan, and from other markets worldwide. The menu may also include some cooked courses. Please note we are not in a position to accommodate gluten free focused menus or vegetarian or vegan focused menus.

PRICING: Due to fluctuations in the prices at the fish market, we anticipate the price to start at $150+ per person without drinks, gratuity and tax. There may be fluctuations in price based on your preference and quantity of fish. Prices are subject to change without notice.

SEATING CHOICE: 1st Seating – 6:00~7:50 pm     or      2nd Seating – 8:00~9:50 pm
Due to the current circumstances, the location of the Chef’s Table is now offered in the secluded space by the front windows close to the Izakaya Den Sushi Bar. One table for 2 guests and one table for 4 guests, thoughtfully spaced, each seating.  Or these 2 tables can be joined as one table for 6 guests.

Chef’s Table Reservation Form 

Cancellation policy  

Due to increased demand with the reopening of indoor dining, it may take 2-3 days to confirm your reservation request. Please bear with us, we are answering every date request in the order in which they come in

Available Dates

Last Updated: Saturday, January 1, 2022

Chef’s Table Update:

Chef’s Table is on Hiatus until further notice.

Reservations unavailable at this time.

RESERVE NOW                             Cancellation policy

Limited Reservations Now Available for Regular Dine In

Resy Dinner Reservations, restaurant-wide, for both Sushi Den and Izakaya Den.



When the winter arrives, the Fish Market starts to get busy, filling up with many varieties of fish.

This is because the fish that were born in the Spring in the northern hemisphere mature by the winter and become the right size and flavor. When the temperature of the water goes down, fish increases its flavor by insulating itself against the colder waters.

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Sushi Den on 9 NEWS for Asian Heritage Month

9 NEWS hosted Chef Yasu Kizaki from Sushi Den as part of their Asian Heritage Month coverage.

Admit it. You’ve eaten it at a restaurant, but you’re too afraid to make it at home. Sushi is a favorite for many, but when it comes to making the raw fish delicacy, it’s easy to get intimidated.

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Sake Enthusiasts

Matching food and sake is similar to matching food and wine. Pairing sake and food should also be fun. The object of the pairing is to enhance both the food and the sake. No match is perfect, and in the end, it is a matter of what you like. Sake is truly a versatile beverage which suits many of the world’s cuisine regardless of ingredients or the preparation method.

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